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Adultery can have a devastating effect on the wronged spouse and on a marriage.  When adultery leads to a Texas divorce, the wronged spouse has the option of raising the issue of adultery in the divorce or allowing the divorce to be granted without fault.

Texas recognizes no-fault divorce, but also still has fault-based grounds for divorce.  A Texas divorce court may either grant a no-fault divorce upon a finding that the marriage is insupportable due to discord or conflict or it may grant a divorce based on fault for certain reasons, such as cruelty or adultery.  The court has the discretion to determine whether the divorce will be granted on insupportability or fault-based grounds.  Even if there is uncontroverted and sufficient evidence of adultery, the court has the discretion to grant a no-fault divorce.  The presence of adultery in the marriage, therefore, does not necessarily mean that the divorce will be granted based on adultery.

Although divorce can be granted without fault, there can be benefits to obtaining a divorce based on the other party’s fault.  A finding of fault can have a significant impact on property division and in some cases can also affect custody.

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What happens to the engagement ring if someone calls off the wedding?

Unfortunately, before some engaged couples can make it down the aisle to say “I do”, someone says “I don’t”. The issue of who gets to keep the engagement ring often surfaces during this heartbreaking time.

An engagement ring is a gift and the law requires three elements to constitute an irrevocable gift:

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Cloud-based software, such as iCloud from Apple, has made sharing information like pictures, text messages, and communication a breeze. Families often link accounts to share music, pictures, and other media. Apple explains, “Set up iCloud on all your devices. The rest is automatic.”  And when Apple says everything, it means everything.  Lately, iCloud has provided a new way for spouses to learn about infidelity–when it pops up automatically on their screens.

Monique Honaman, a writer at the Huffington post, recently brought up some of the issues that accompany the automatic sharing of all of the data on your phone.  In a column titled “iCaught on iCloud,” the author posts stories of people who found out about infidelity on iCloud. Continue reading →

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