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Whether a celebrity or not, we all worry about many of the same core issues when facing a divorce – How do I protect my stuff (money, investments, real property, personal property) and how do I protect the kids.

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By now, I’m sure most of you have heard about what happened to Bobby Flay at his Hollywood Star celebration. For those who have not heard, Bobby Flay was graced with the presence of a jet with a “CHEATER” banner while laying down his Hollywood Star. We can only imagine how embarrassing that was for him. Yikes. Since he filed for divorce from his wife in April, most people are blaming Stephanie March- thinking she is the mastermind behind the act. Let’s assume she was for discussion purposes- is this a great strategic move by her attorneys, or a big mistake?

When you file for divorce in Dallas County, Collin County, or Denton County, your Original Petition for Divorce (the first pleading you file requesting a divorce) must have attached to it what the Court calls standing orders. These orders enjoin (or restrain) any party who has filed or  served with the petition from  committing certain acts.

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